Vehicle Accessible Inside Transfer Seats

New From B&D - The Interlock System

The B&D Independence Interlock, designed with your safety in mind, is standard on all Leadership 61 Transfer Seat Bases.

The Interlock ensures that the Transfer Seat Base is returned to the driving position, which allows the Seat Belt and Air Bag Systems to function as designed.  Once the vehicle is in operation the Interlock prevents the Transfer Seat Base from moving accidently.

The Interlock System includes an override switch, placed on the lower dash of the vehicle.  In the event of an emergency, the override switch can be used to move your Transfer Seat Base when the vehicle ignition is on, or allow the vehicle to be started even though the Transfer Seat Base is not in the driving position.

An audible indicator will sound during the duration of the override’s use; the audible indicator will also sound to alert the user the Transfer Seat Base is not in the full-forward position and the vehicle ignition is turned on.


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