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Click For Large ViewThe Monarch Mark IA hand driving control incorporates the most popular method of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available. Through mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard.  Again with mechanical linkage, the gas or accelerator is applied by a downward movement towards the driver's lap and at a right angle to the brake.  Designed with a flat handle and accelerator rod that fits behind the dash panel makes it the least intrusive hand control on the market today. This quality hand control comes with our easy to use accelerator lock out that when engaged locks out the accelerator function of the hand control.

Five year limited warranty and the ability to transfer it to your next car


The MPS Push/Rock Hand Control is the newest addition to our line up of quality driving aids.  This control enables the driver to apply the accelerator and brakes by hand.  When the upright handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal the brakes are applied. When the upright handle is rocked rearward toward the user tje accelerator is applied.  It also comes with Accelerator lock-out feature for added safety.

This popular style is a favorite recommendation of many driving evaluators, and our superior design is sure to become a best seller.




The MPS Push/Pull Hand Control operates by pushing down toward the floor for  brake and pull  back for acceleration available with upright handle or our standard handles to custom fit you and your driving style.  Built MPS strong amd also carries our 5 year warranty.

MPS also offers a brake only hand control.

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