Crescent Industries Vehicle Secondary Controls

Crescent Industries is a small company located in central Maine. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced electronic controls for the physically disadvantaged. We are a company that cares about the client's individual needs and we tailor each product accordingly. We are a custom shop and have a Can Do attitude!

We have been in business for over 30 years and manufacture and service at our location. We try to help our dealers in every way as they are the key to the clients satisfaction. Our products are designed so that a dealer can easily install and service them. Our warranty policy is liberal to ensure customer satisfaction. Our range of products runs from the simplest relay pack to our best selling product, the VoiceScan.

We have the expertise to design systems for any application. We at Crescent do not lose sight of our mission which is to help others. We believe in handing a client the key to unlock the door of dependency and to enter the world of independence.

By working with and through our dealers, we as a team can be proud of these accomplishments.

Crescent Industries Products

Please call us for our current wheelchair/handicap van inventory.

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