Handicare Stairlifts

If you have difficulty getting up and down stairs you are not alone.  Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems posed by the difficulty they have using the staircase in their home.
The decision to install a stairlift is sometimes a difficult one to take but when compared with the alternative of moving house, or living on one level of their home, many people have it to be the preferred option.
Sterling Stairlifts offer straight and curved stairlifts.  Straight stairlifts are suitable for use where a stairlift only needs to travel in one straight line.  Sterling offers a range of straight stairlifts to suit your needs.
Curved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that turn corners or are spiral.  All tracks are made to order following a survey of each individual staircase.
All Sterling Stairlifts have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate that are designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction.  They also have a diagnostic display so you can monitor the status of our stairlift.  All stairlifts come with a seat belt as a standard, giving you additional peace of mind.
The ease of using the stairlifts by pressing or holding the large, robust toggle switch is just another added feature.  The toggle switch is located at the end of the seat arm and can be operated by hand or arm.
Sterling Stairlifts from Handicare are supplied with a 2 year warranty on all parts plus a LIFETIME warranty on the motor gearbox.
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