Q’Straint QRT 3-Series

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Introducing the QRT-3 Series Wheelchair and Occupant Securement System.
The first 4-point, heavy duty, fully automatic retractable tie-downs designed, engineered and built to perform to the upcoming WC18 standards. More inpressively, the new QRT-360 meets thes increased standards years ahead of their effective date in 2015


No manual tensioning required. Retractors automatically take up "slack"

Automatic, Self-Locking

Allows easy, on-handed hook-up of wheelchairs

Positive Lock Indicator

Clearly indicates when fitting is locked (L track application only)

Stronger than all other retractors

Energy-absorbant steel frame, new high strength 58mm webbing, fine adjust self tension from 25 high strength teeth


Shortened footprint allows flexibility to accomodate larger wheelchairs; compatible with the widest variety of wheelchairs and scooters;

J Hook

Reduces twisting of belts and ensures proper securement

Foot Release Lever

Redesigend easy-release eliminates the need to bend down

Dual Tensioning Knobs

Provide additional tensioning, if needed


Eliminates confusion, no right, left or rear locations

QRT-360 Brochure

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