Q’Straint Wheelchair Securement Systems

QStraint over the years have researched and improved their occupant wheelchair restraint systems.  Going beyond all impact tests and safety regulations, QStraints certified engineers use the most modern equipment continually improving its systems.

Q'Straint introduced the world's first fully integrated 4-point wheelchair passenger securement system, the industry standard for more than 25 years. Each component is designed, engineered and tested to work as one cohesive system. In the event of a collision or sudden stop, the system isolates the forward forces of the occupant from those of their chair by directing the chair's forces to the vehicle floor.

A Complete 4-Point System Includes...

4 Wheelchair Restraints:
Retractable or manual belt systems for securing wheelchair to the floor anchorages. (QRT Deluxe with PLI fitting shown)

Occupant Securements:
A manual or combination lap and shoulder belt for securing the occupant. (Combination belt shown)

Floor Anchorages:
Track, Pocket or Slide ‘N Click system for anchoring the wheelchair restraints. (QRT Deluxe with L-Track fitting and anchorage shown)

Also Included:
Complete operator instructions and warranty registration card.

Q’Straint Retractor Systems

The QRT series of retractors are the easiest and fastest-securing 4-point systems available today.  These systems allow drivers to secure a wheelchair in less than 15 seconds, while reducing the risk of driver injury and drastically reducing vehicle wait times for transportation operators.

Q’Straint Retractor Systems

Q’Straint Docking Systems

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