Handicap Accessible RV Lifts

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Is your RV, 18 wheeler, farm equipment, pull along camper or bus a big part of your life  Are you frustrated because you can’t get from your wheelchair or scooter to the seat of your tall vehicle

We have the solution you’ve been looking for!  The Glide ‘N’ Go Lift and Transfer seat will carry you from wheelchair height to vehicle seating height so you can transfer easily to your tall vehicle’s seat.

The Glide ‘N’ Go XR adapts to many vehicle types, so you can get back on the road quickly, easily and comfortably.

  • Available for the driver or passenger side
  • If your vehicle battery dies, emergency back-up system allows you to exit the vehicle
  • Weight capacity 250lbs

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Please call us for our current wheelchair/handicap van inventory.
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