Access Unlimited Vehicle Multi Lift

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Access Unlimited Multi-Lift

If you’re like a lot of people with reduced mobility, you were sorry to see your beloved and cost-effective car go when you couldn’t make the transfer any more. But with the Multi-Lift, cars are back! Using the portable Multi-Lift and a mounting bracket in your car, you can get in and out again. The Multi-Lift is available with a wide variety of slings, so people with every level of disability can get in and out of the car. And the Multi-Lift fits in every car on the market!

The perfect transfer solution in the car!

The MULTI-LIFT lifts a driver or passenger in and out of an ordinary car, van or truck.  MULTI-LIFT can also be used as a scooter/wheelchair lift in certain vans. 

The lift is powerd by the electrical system of your car. A handy magnetic lift control box attached to a spiral cord allows flexible entry and exit and easy storage of the box on any metal surface.  Sideways movements are done manually.

  • MULTI-LIFT is adaptable to most cars, vans and trucks
  • Lift arm weighs 23lbs
  • Lifiting capacity is a maximum 275 lbs.
  • Multi-Lift Brochure
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