Consumer Internet Purchases Of Mobility Equipment 

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

We are referring to making purchases without a personal visit to, or at least with, the company providing vehicles and modifications for special needs.

Some people are tempted to do so when they see an attractive internet site and call for more information.  Smooth presentations by telephone sales experts try to lure the customer to order a vehicle from a company many miles away.  They may say they have an arrangement with a local service facility but it may just be a muffler shop and/or tire shop and not a fully factory trained authorized center.  The internet offers a wealth of information and one can do considerable research on one and definitely become a more educated consumer.  Questions and answers by email or the telephone can also be very constructive.  BUT, when it comes to making a large purchase “one is best advised to deal directly with the local NMEDA dealer that will support the purchase over the life of the equipment.”

When you go to your local NMEDA dealer the benefits include selection, safety and service.  Mobility equipment is not a one size fits all proposition but a detailed procedure where each purchase is unique.  The adjustments that need to be made for each particular situation can only be addressed when at the mobility dealer.  The local NMEDA mobility dealer will talk with you in-depth, get to know you and your needs and follow through post purchase for service and satisfaction.  It is that relationship with your local NMEDA mobility dealer that you will NOT get online or during telephone conversation.  The internet benefit ends with information for mobility equipment.  What happens once you receive your int
ended item?  If you buy mobility equipment online you must follow the purchase all the way through by asking these questions:

Who is going to install it?
Are they licensed to do business in your area?
Are they factory trained by the specific mobility manufacturer?    
If you do make such a purchase what do you do if you are unhappy with the purchase?  
Do they have the proper insurance?
Who is going to service the item?
Are they aware of all the federal safety regulations?

These are all items you must be aware of, and we would be remiss not to bring these points to your attention.  NMEDA dealers ARE: trained, offer factory trained professional service, have theCa proper insurance, and are kept aware of applicable federal safety regulations. Can you purchase mobility equipment online? Yes! Is it wise? No.  Which brings back the point of “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.  The internet has changed our lives and the internet is here to stay.  Let us use the information we can gain from it (the internet) wisely and be better educated when we have to purchase mobility equipment.

Go to your local NMEDA dealer and have a positive experience.

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