B&D Vehicle Inside Transfer Seats

World Leader in Transfer Seat Bases for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

B & D manufactures transfer seat bases for both the driver and passenger positions for virtually all makes of minivans and full size vans. B & D works closely with the wheelchair van conversion companies to understand their design requirements.  Safety, ease of use and reliability are the primary concepts that go into every B & D Independence design.  Their goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce modifications by the mobility dealer at the time of installation, although variations may be necessary on occasion, for some special applications.

The mobility industry converts a wide selection of various minivans, which B & D Independence is proud to support with direct mount seat bases.  These include:
  • Chrysler Town & Country
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Volkswagen Routan
We also carry seat bases for older minivan conversions such as Ford Freestar, Ford Windstar and Chevy Venture.

Safety First

Why you should drive from a Transfer Seat Base:
  • Safer and more comfortable than driving from a wheelchair
  • Adjusts OEM seat for ease of transfer into driving position
  • Retain all factory seat options like lumbar support, leather and tilting
  • Vehicles retain their original seatbelt
  • Allows for multiple drivers instead of the sole person in the wheelchair
  • Increases the functionality of the vehicle

B&D Products

Vantage Mobility International recognizes the unique needs of each disabled individual, and VMI knows that it sometimes takes an advanced handicap seat for a wheelchair accessible van to meet those needs.

The Ricon Power Transfer Seat for mobility vans swivels 90 degrees with the touch of a button. This turning action makes it simple and safe to transfer from a wheelchair into the passenger or driver seat.

Six way operation means making adjustments up, down, forward, back, and rotating left and right. The Ricon Power Transfer Seat is unmatched in its disability access.

Standard features include:
  • Fingertip Control
  • Six Way Operation: Up – Down, Forward – Back, Rotate Right – Left
  • Fits most full-size handicap vans and mobility conversion vans
  • All functions are independent for maximum flexibility
  • Completely Automatic Rotation

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