CCI Electric Vehicle Parking Brake 

CCI designed the Electric Parking Brake push button control to set the parking brake with ease. With a unique increasing torque feature and compact design allowing for easy installation.  The EBP works on most vehicles with ABS brakes.

To set CCI'S EPB - Simply press the button until the Parking Brake is applied to the desired amount
To releast the EPB - Press the same button momentarily

EPB Features:

  • Unique increasing torgue feature.
  • Directly interfaces with mechanical parking brake cable.
  • Compact enough for custom mounting and applications.
  • Durable case houses the internal components, keeping them safe from road debris.
  • External casing is weather-resistant for protection from the elements.
Fits your needs

For users who are unable to:
  • Pull the emergency brake lever
  • Push the emergency brake foot pedal
  • The EPB can be used with any size push button
  • The Push Button is based on your needs or abilities

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