CCI LogiTouch Vehicle Secondary Controls

LogiTouch is ideal for drivers who are looking for ease in operating a vehicle’s secondary controls (switches).  LogiTouch adds a new dimension to adaptive driving by putting up to 18 function control switches at your fingertips.  The National Mobility Equipment Driving Association (NMEDA) recommendations were an important factor in its design to ensure the highest level of quality and functionality.


  • Left or Right handed use
  • Safe one handed operation
  • Sleek design looks great in any vehicle
  • Durable hard plastic case houses the internal electronics
  • Self-cancelling illumination for night time driving
  • Buttons are labeled with universal symbols

RF Technology:

  • Incorporates Radio Frequency (RF) technology to provide wireless control of many secondary functions, which allows for unrestriced mounting possibilities to be acheived without cumbersome wires or cables.
  • A compact control module is connected under the dash and receives the keypad signal from anywhere in the vehicle.
  • The keypad can be easily attached to optional steering wheel bracket/spinner knob.
  • Will not restrict airbag.
  • The modified car can be driven as normal. The keypad system does not affect the existing controls.
  • Simply remove the handset from the steering wheel using the quick release feature.

Up to 18 functions including:

  • Horn, Hazards, Head Lights (On/Off)
  • Left turn indicator, Right Turn Indicator, Head Lights Fim
  • Front Wash, Rear Wash, Parking Lights
  • Front Wiper (3 speeds), Rear Wiper, Head Lights Flash
  • Front Fog Lights, Rear Defrost

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