Vehicle Access Transfer Seats

Introducing the BraunAbility® Turny Evo - a vehicle seat that swivels and lowers for easy, safe transfers in and out of your vehicle for you or your loved one.

Maintain your lifestyle without worry or strain.

Enjoy every journey without the fear of a fall or injury.  The BraunAbility® Turny® Evo rotating seat lift makes getting in and out of tall vehicles easy and safe.  This worry free solution is an ideal alternative.

The Braun Turny Evo is a simple and reliable driver or passenger solution for access to higher vehicles. The Valet provides full power operation to eliminate the twisting, turning and climbing associated with entering and exiting many vehicles. One button control makes operation a snap!

Bruno Stow Away

Stow-Away Transfer Seat Leaves Pickup Truck Cab Free of Obstructions

Click For Large ViewThe innovative Stow-Away power transfer seat was designed specifically for pickup trucks and higher SUVs. Mounted under the vehicle in a sealed case, the Stow-Away comes out and stops at the desired height for an easy transfer. Once on, the seat raises you to the optimal height for getting into the vehicle.

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The XL-SEAT is intended to fit in most minivans on the market and certain trucks.  The XL-SEAT was designed to be the first choice when looking for simplicity, comfort and space.  

When using the XL-Seat you transfer onto your original seat.  You get to keep all the original features from your vehicle.  All seat adjustment functions remain operational, the seatback still reclines completely; even power or heated seats can remain intact.

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Adapt Solutions XL-BASE

Adapt Solutions XL-BASE is easily installed into the original seat mounts with no structural modifications to your vehicle.  It is also easily removed to return the vehicle to its original condition. In one smooth, simple motion, the XL-Base rotates and then gently lowers out of the vehicle.  This cycle can be stopped at any time to allow transfer at desired height.

The XL-BASE is designed to fit into most minivans on the market.  Available for front and center passenger positions in most vans.  Equipped with emergency backup system.

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