B&D Vehicle Inside Transfer Seats

B & D manufactures transfer seat bases for both the driver and passenger positions for virtually all makes of minivans and full size vans.       B & D works closely with the wheelchair van conversion companies to understand their design requirements.  Safety, ease of use and reliability are the primary concepts that go into every B & D Independence design.  Their goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce modifications by the mobility dealer at the time of installation, although variations may be necessary on occasion, for some special applications.

Vantage Mobility International recognizes the unique needs of each disabled individual, and VMI knows that it sometimes takes an advanced handicap seat for a wheelchair accessible van to meet those needs.

Choice is Power

At Access Unlimited we believe that mobility, like people, comes in all shapes and colors.  We celebrate the rich diversity of our customers’ needs by creating products that allow easy access to ANY vehicle, from cars and vans to trucks and SUVs. We believe that adaptive equipment should be unobtrusive and should meet the needs of its user with a minimum of modification to vehicle or lifestyle.  We believe every person should be able to choose the vehicle they like best, regardless of their disability. Access Unlimited products empower people with disabilities to regain control of their mobility.

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